New procedures will increase efficiency and lower costs for developers

(HACKENSACK, NJ) – The Hackensack City Council submitted an ordinance for review by the Planning Board at the August 21, 2012 meeting to streamline the application process for developers and lower costs for those looking to invest in Hackensack. It is the first step towards making Hackensack more efficient and will aid in spurring investment in Hackensack’s Main Street corridor. The process is intended to provide applicants with a clear, defined set of parameters and requirements for the various application types to expedite the submittal, review and approval process.

“Our objective with this new streamlined process is to cut the red tape for developers in Hackensack to promote growth and investment in the Main Street Corridor,” stated Hackensack Mayor Mike Melfi. “Hackensack is continuing to update our procedures to 21st century policies that can allow us to really jumpstart progress in our downtown. I am confident these new measures will be well received by our Planning Board and potential investors in our city.”

As part of the streamlined process, an applicant appearing before the Planning Board or Zoning Board would benefit from the use of newly adopted forms and checklists that provide step by step guidance concerning information that must be provided prior to an application being presented to the Planning Board or Zoning Board. Additionally, the City has revamped its fee structure to align Hackensack’s fee structure with the fees charged in New Jersey communities that are seeking to encourage growth and development.

Additionally, a “Pre-Application Review Committee” (PACRC) will be created whose purpose is to informally review proposed projects that developers voluntarily present to the Committee. The PACRC will consist of the following city representatives:

  • City Manager or Designee
  • Zoning Officer
  • Land Use Administrator
  • Construction Code Official
  • City Attorney or Designee
  • City’s Planning Consultant
  • Planning Board Attorney or Zoning Board Attorney

The purposes of the PACRC are to expedite applications and reduce development costs by engaging in a dialogue with a developer in the early phases of a proposed project which will enable City representatives to provide information and insight concerning opportunities and constraints upon development resulting from existing conditions and regulations. An applicant may request a pre-application conference with the PACRC prior to making a formal application to either the Planning Board of Zoning Board of Adjustment.

“Following the blueprint set forth in our recently adopted Rehabilitation Plan for Main Street, Hackensack is going to continue its aggressive efforts to court new developers into our community,” stated City Manager Stephen Lo Iacono. “This is another important step showing the development community that we are open for business in Hackensack and ready to form mutually beneficial partnerships to our city and prospective developers.”

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